NICE Engages 5 Diversity Charters for Inclusive Workplaces through Innovative Training

The NICE program, which stands for Neutral and Inclusive Communication in Corporate Environments, is co-funded by the European Union’s Citizens, Equality, Rights and Value program (CERV) and will bring together a wide range of stakeholders and expertise over the next two years.

The main goal of the project is to upgrade existing and new diversity management strategies by incorporating inclusive and neutral communication policies, thereby tackling diversity intolerance and discrimination in the workplace.

NICE engages five Diversity Charters in a collaborative effort to build inclusive and tolerant working environments by offering innovative training and capacity building programs to their signatories. The initiators believe that signatories need learning experiences in appropriate formats to advance the D&I agenda within their organizations and draw inspiration from peer organizations facing similar challenges.

The project aims to achieve multiple learning outcomes, including developing signatories’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes, enhancing self-knowledge, improving organizational cultures, and enhancing skills to work with different groups. A series of diversity trainings will help signatory organizations not only to improve skills and knowledge on diversity topics but also to raise awareness of the benefits of concrete D&I practices. This approach will help them become more active in the field of diversity while establishing a solid framework for interactions and best practice sharing among signatories.

Additionally, several dissemination activities are planned to strengthen the regional and local debate on the importance of diversity management for signatory organizations.

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